Randi Gjoni

I'm a Full Stack Engineer

I’m a software engineer specializing in creating unique algorithms to solve riveting problems. Currently, I am revolutionizing operating room safety at Surgical Safety Technologies.

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About Me

Hello! My name is Randi. I began my interest in Computer Science, when I was placed into a class to study it by complete accident. Since then I've used the knowledge to create unique and interesting programs in all different kinds of languages.

During my time at USC, I've had the privilege of working on my schools Experiential Learning Website to develop a platform that focuses on finding new ways of teaching students. Also I had the opportunity to work at a startup where I developed a hobby based social media app from the ground up. Today I work at Hymes, Barrera and Kim where I use my knowledge of Computer Science to make real-world applications that help people in their day to day lives.


Noteworthy Projects

Personal Projects I'm proud to share!

NQueens Algorithmic Search

Showing the ways in which the Simulated Annealing algorithm handles the problem compared to the Hill Climbing one

Circle Game

Showing how C++ and a simple shuffling algorithm can create a fun game with numbers!

This website!

Highlighting how Javascript,React and Tailwind come together to create a beautiful website

Experiential Learning Center

Helped build and design the experiential learning center to test new ways of educating students

Shade Inc

Created an IOS Application from the ground up to revolutionze the way we use social media


Here are some other technologies I've worked with








If you have any questions about the projects I've worked on or simply want to connect about future opportunities, my inbox is always open